About me

Many people don't know me, and that is why this page exists!

My Résumé

About me

My name is Runkai Zhang, I play the violin because I love classical music. I am also a programmer, for example, one of my proudest projects is this website. I received some help and support from other designers and developers, but I enjoy programming myself because I feel like I am creating a whole new world by typing some lines on a computer. In 2018, I became a Ham radio operator, because I love how the radio provides reliable communications for short ranges. It also allows you to talk with people all over the world.

Songs that I made.


I became an UI/UX designer and upgraded my ham radio license to General class.

Early 2019

I became increasingly fluent with the language Swift, and began to improve my website. I started taking on photography, and started and A Wonderful World.


Found my favorite language: Swift. I also started making this website with the help of Design+Code. I got my callsign as KC1KLR


Quit making Minecraft mods due to increasingly frustrating Java runtime updates. So I started to make iOS apps using Swift.


Started making mods for Minecraft. I still don't understand code, made my way out by watching tutorial videos.


Discovered code for the first time. I did not understand it too well, but I was immediately obessed.